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Our programs will see you speaking with style and power on the world stage!

Here are some frequently asked questions that you may have before we begin… >

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Program Options

What program choices do I have?

Currently we offer the following programs for you to choose from:

Keynote in a Day: $10,000*
This is an intensive full-day (9am-5pm) one-to-one live workshop designed to develop a new keynote speech and outline it’s screen content. plus 2x 1hr online follow up sessions to ensure you’re ready to rock!

Half Day Tune Up: $4,000*
Half-day, online intensive tune-up session 3.5hrs designed for existing speakers to polish up existing keynote or develop new material

Professional Speaker Tune-Up Package: $7,500*
Our most popular program with over 100 speakers (some who’ve returned 2, 3, even 4 times!) and a guaranteed minimum 6x 1.5hr (online) sessions (over 3-months) plus speaker support.

Professional Speaker Drop-in Annual Package: $20,000*
24x hours online sessions (over 12-months) plus speaker support.

*all pricing is ex GST

What’s the goal of coaching?

Now, when you work with us… the goal is to create ONE brilliant keynote that you learn and deliver to every audience… that results in a standing ovation! 👏

That’s our aim… when you’re getting a standing ovation… you’ll have grown into a professional speaker that will be booked and loved for years to come.

Is there a written agreement?

Yes, Troy will send you a booking agreement for your signature and return before we begin, along with your invoice. Small warning! The booking agreement is quite officious and grown up sounding? Please don’t worry, whilst it was designed by our very own legal beagle, it is just a simple agreement, so let Troy know if you have any questions on this. We will always over-deliver on our commitment to you and know that you will deliver on your commitment to us.

Sessions & Payment Details

How do I book sessions?

We can do that over the phone or on email. Once a date and time is decided – you’ll receive an iCal calendar invitation from troyandzara@mac.com (please whitelist this address). You should also receive an email with all the details and a .ics file which you can manually add to your calendar if it hasn’t made it’s way into your schedule. Calendar reminders for your session should also pop up 1day, 1 hour, 15mins before and again at the time of your session.

How do I pay?

People usually pay in 2-3 instalments because they understand the value they’re getting, but if you need something specific in our agreement terms, please let us know. Bank EFT details will be on your invoice, please include your surname or the invoice number when paying, so we know you’ve made a payment.

Can I pay via credit card?

Yes you can, we use PayPal Here, which adds 2.9% to each transaction.

Coaching Sessions

How should I prepare for our session?

We also expect you to deliver the content that you would like to include and to do your homework when asked. If you say you’re going to learn something… do it. If you say you’re going to continue writing your next story… do it. You must lead this process and be your word – as we will. We love over-delivering to our clients and give them more time, energy, insight, value and love than they are paying for… it’s how we roll!

Where do I need to be for the online coaching?

We work online with people all over the world and it works perfectly. You need a quiet place, with maximised bandwidth (meaning all other uploads/downloads OFF) and some headphones on, so you can hear easily and focus on the conversation, without interruptions.

What platform do we use for online coaching?

We use Zoom but also have GoToWebinar, BlueJeans, Skype… or, as a last resort, the good ole telephone!

Sessions & Payment Details

Can I contact you between sessions?

You shouldn’t need much contact in between sessions, but if you need something or have a question, feel free to drop us an email – just don’t overload us… (or you!). The email troyandzara@greattalk.com.au goes to both Zara & Troy and one of us will respond as soon as we’re able.

You can help by saving notes and comments, putting them all in one email and clearly labelling each idea.

If it’s urgent, you can always text and we’ll call you back as soon as we can – to ensure nothing gets lost in space, please text both Zara (0410 32 32 17) & Troy (0416 000 081) on the same message.

Sometimes you might need some help right before a gig and wherever possible we will make ourselves available to you… but ultimately, you want to make each session our main point of contact and… enjoy the process!

Where do I share content with you?

We provide a private Dropbox for your use during coaching. This where you can upload presentations in .ppt or .key format, photos, video and anything else relevant for your coaching. Don’t leave it til the last minute before sessions though, as they take a while to sync, depending on your bandwidth.

How do we write my script in different locations?

We will also send you a link for a Google Doc which will be used to develop your script – please make sure it’s up to date and open before your session. If you forget the link, just type “docs.google.com” into your browser and you’ll find every document anyone’s shared with you (or you with them) via Google. You can sort it at the top centre be selecting “Owned by Anyone”

Deborah HuttonMedia Personality / Keynote Speaker

Working with you was brilliant, honest, funny, insightful, organised, intuitive and all class - a joy to work with!

Brad SmithCEO BRAAP, Telstra Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Working with you has been an awesome experience… my speaking career has gone from strength to strength, my calendar is booked to capacity, the audiences are loving it!

Bernadette BlackAuthor & Media specialist

You guys are truly amazing! What I hold in my hands is now a message that will literally impact thousands of people! My coaching with you both has been a monumental experience; both personally and professionally.