What Is A Nuff?

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A fun and positive story for primary school aged children (and kids at heart!)

If you love the style of Dr Seuss’ ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go!’ then you will love this captivating and uplifting story by Zara & Troy – it’s pure magic!

In a world where enough is never enough… meet GoodNuff – his adventure tale is filled with positive psychology and tips and techniques for people of all ages.

Read this beautiful book with someone you love and you will always be blessed with “a Nuff”… a Nuff Love, Nuff Talent (and most importantly)… Nuff Time!


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What is a nuff
Have you ever wondered...

Are You A Nuff?

Did you know, as humans, we all share the same two fears; that we aren’t good enough and that we won’t have enough. The problem is, these two limiting beliefs can prevent the most wonderful things from happening in our lives. So we thought how amazing would it be if people all over the world could be reminded that they are enough!


Yes, You're A Nuff. You Just Didn't Know It!

What if wherever you are or whatever you have, is good enough (for now)? Regardless of the colour of your skin, or where you came from, or how much money you have. You are enough! Share this message with everyone you love so that they too feel that they are enough just as they are. Go on, do it now, we’ll wait for you.

What is a nuff

An Enchanting Story That Will Enrich Your Life And Sparkle Your Smirker!

We live in a world where enough is NEVER enough and although this is a kids book for grown-ups, our dream is that every child in the world could grow up knowing that they are enough… regardless of the colour of their skin or where they live or how much they know.


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36 reviews for What Is A Nuff?

  1. Flip

    A beautiful book for all ages. You’ll want to give a copy to EVERYONE you know. I’m a Nuff nut!

  2. Kim Fuller

    Loved every minute of it! Has quickly become an all time favourite!

  3. Lenny B

    I reckon we can never get Nuff encouraging thoughts on how to get the most out of life. I found your fun, inspiring and easy-to-read book was well worth the read and ideal for sharing and savouring! Thanks so much!

  4. Michelle Heward

    A super fun book that all in my family have thoroughly enjoyed reading.
    Thank you for making us smile.

  5. Stefan

    I love reading this book to my kids. There is a great message for everyone, you really are a Nuff.

  6. Gary Walsh

    A fun and positive read, our Grandson loves it.

  7. Belle L

    What a beautiful book! It’s on my permanent gift list for the people I care about.

  8. Narelle

    I read someone else’s. Then I had to have one for my family. There is so much truth in the pages. Then I shared it with a primary school teacher friend and she bought two – she now reads it to her class.

  9. Roxanne Carruth

    This book took me on a beautiful comical & enlightening journey. It provoked understanding of self & others. When you discover you are A Nuff, and have been one all along… may you sit back and bask in your giggle.

  10. Mandy Hill

    It took almost 50 years for me to realise I am a Nuff! What an amazing book!

  11. Julie Lawler

    Delightful story, accessible for kids but speaks to a much wider audience – aged 2 to 102 I’d say! Promotes the power of positivity in a fun way that parents will enjoy sharing with the littlies.

  12. Vikki

    Love, love, loved this book. My daughter has read it so many times and never tires of it. It’s not hard to be a Nuff.

  13. Pat Armitstead

    Loved this… and loved being able to send to a friend in need of some support and encouragement – so, two copies bought by me! My grandson loves it… we read it often… and in my last storytelling workshop one client BEGGED me to read it to the whole class.

  14. Nigel S

    This book is wonderful, not just for kids, for everyone!

  15. Matt

    A beautiful, thoughtfully presented book for all ages. Would love to see this introduced into schools around the country!

  16. Lee Jolley

    Once you are a Nuff, the world is your oyster.
    A great book for every household – for everyone.

  17. jason john byron

    Loved this book. Read it to our daughter all the time. She calls it the Nuff book.

  18. Analisa

    Made me smile with my heart. Super cute and inspiring! We are all a Nuff!

  19. Cindy Donato

    This is an enchanting read that speaks directly to the inner child in us all. Entertaining, whimsical, relative, real, WONDERFUL! ‘What Is A Nuff?’ is an epiphany that strikes with alacrity once the message is received. If we’re all on a journey to happiness – then this book is the passport.

  20. Linda F

    Ohhh… I LOVE this book – so wonderful and uplifting for all ages. Warm-hearted and full of pearls of wisdom. An absolute fave!

  21. Leonie Teale

    Once again you have excelled yourselves… you inspire so many of us with your wise words and amazing attitude to life… thank you for sharing so much.

  22. Belle Doyle

    A beautiful book full of heart.

  23. Paul Sheehan

    FANTASTIC!! Every time I read this inspiring little book, I get something new out of it. Simply brilliant reading for all age groups. I also love the Illustrations – and it’s the perfect gift for anyone. Nuff said. 😉

  24. Kerryn Page

    I love this book. Everyone’s a Nuff and this book proves that. The illustrations and quality of the book are wonderful too… beautifully written.

  25. Richard G

    A fun, positive, easy read and has something for everyone! I’ve certainly become a Nuff.

  26. Tiffany Noack

    Currently my 5 year old son’s favourite bedtime book. Prompts great discussions about feeling good enough and which Nuff are you and why. He also took it to Kinder and the teachers read the book to the class and the kids loved it! No age is too young for this message.

  27. Micaela Drieberg

    Such an amazing, inspirational book – for all ages!

  28. Ange W

    A brilliant book for everyone. A Nuff content to appeal to all. Eagerly awaiting the next edition. THK YOU!

  29. Louise Brehmer

    I absolutely love this book. It’s a great reminder for us all that we are, indeed, enough just as we are. It has a Dr Suess appeal in its rhyming style and the illustrations are terrific. A book for all Nuffs, regardless of age.

  30. Scott Thompson

    It’s a fantastic little pick me up. My kids both read it and loved it (as did I)

  31. Philippe (verified owner)

    Great book! Yes, we’re all a nuff and this book proves it 🙂
    A great read and a must read!

  32. Adelaine (verified owner)

    The first time I heard “What is a Nuff?” was at AHRI’s Inclusion & Diversity Conference, where Troy & Zara were the conference MCs. I absolutely love the idea of a Nuff. The book teaches all ages what is a Nuff and reminds us to be happy with what we have and to live in the present. I’m going to read it to my 5 year old nephew. Thank you Zara & Troy!

  33. Georgia Murch

    What a delicious way to teach a message to any human. Parents loved it, teenagers loved it. Can’t go wrong. I love the Nuff!

  34. Yvette Drinkwater

    This wonderful book presents an uplifting and positive message in a super fun way. An excellent read for children, and for adults who need a reminder that we are all amazing just they way we are.

  35. Michael Fidler

    A fun book that works on many levels – read it to my boys (6 years old & 8 years old) who loved it. Beautiful art and the Seuss-ism’s are a treat. Highly recommended.

  36. Belinda S

    I read this little gem, and heard it narrated by the wonderful Zara Love. It’s truly brilliant for any age. In my humble opinion its a masterpiece of modern scripture!

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