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So, we all know that public speaking can be challenging, right? In fact, as human beings it’s our number one fear… even above DEATH! Seinfeld says, that means at a funeral people would rather be IN the casket than delivering the eulogy!

However, the ability to engage any audience every time and inspire them to listen, think and take positive action in their work or lives can really come down to a simple process of design that we call R.A.M.P.

If you’re ready to R.A.M.P up your results and deliver a transformational talk, then follow this simple process.

R.A.M.P Stands For:

Results : before you begin you begin to even think about preparing your talk, ask yourself this question: What RESULT am I hoping to achieve?

When it comes to your audience, what do you want them to DO, THINK or FEEL as a result of your speech? Do you want them to take specific action? Do you want them to think differently about a specific topic? And (most importantly) what do you want them to feel as at the end of your presentation?

Unless you engage emotionally with your audience you will never inspire them to change their thinking or actions because EMOTION creates MOTION. Emotions move us to take action.

So start with the result you’re hoping to achieve, next…



get very clear as to who you’re speaking to before you think about what you’re there to deliver!

So, once again answer some simple questions like: Who are my audience? What do they already know about my topic? What objections may they have that could stop them from embracing your ideas? What would help to change their lives for the better?

Getting clear on who you’re speaking to will assist you to craft a more dynamic and engaging talk and it takes very little time to invest in this kind of research. Clarity of vision comes from knowing your audience intimately.

We’ve covered the result, the audience, next…

Message : this is vital! Your audience will only remember ONE thing that you say.

I know it’s depressing because you’ve got soooooooo much to share. However, the human brain can only take in one piece of information and only if it is repeated around NINE times!!! So, what is your ONE CORE MESSAGE. If you had to pair it back to one sentence that explained your talk, what would that be?

For me, I speak about good humour in the workplace so my one core message can be as simple as: Good Humour is Good Business! Obviously, it leads to better relationships, less anxiety, more collaboration and a happier team… all concepts that I share in my talk and the one core message explains that in a nutshell.

So… Result. Audience. Message. And finally…

Purpose : now, this is where most people start their preparation.

They think about how long they’ve got in front of the audience, what slides they want to share, what stories they’ll include or what statistics or case studies they’ll use. But they rarely think about their higher purpose for being in front of an audience.

And here’s the thing… your talk is NOT about you.

Yes, you are using your stories to inspire your audience but unless you craft it in a way that makes it relatable and relevant for THEM… then they will never engage as powerfully as you would like.

So, follow the previous steps and get clear on the results you’re hoping to achieve, on who you’re speaking to and your one core message then think about your reason for being there. Your higher purpose.

Are you hoping to encourage your audience to join your movement? To change the way they think about waste? To remind them of their own personal power? To help them to connect with people in new and more interesting ways?

So, one more time with feeling the R.A.M.P model is: Result. Audience. Message. Method.

As our favourite Meerkat would say… “SIMPLES”!

The process will enhance and inform the way you craft your talk and make the experience more enjoyable for you and more impactful for your audience…

Most importantly, enjoy the process of crafting your talk and you’ll surprise yourself with your ability to hold your audience in the palm of your hand.

Nuff said.

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